About OrcaJump

About Us


Founded in Seattle & Changsha, OrcaJump is an international DTC (factory direct to consumer) online retailer, providing highly cost-effective products to customers around the world. Growing with thousands of reliable suppliers, OrcaJump now offers more than 30 categories and more than 10,000 products from fashion jewelry, home products, living essentials, to pet accessories.


High Quality

We pay great attention on selecting our products as well as supplier to make sure we are providing the best options for our customers. Before shipping, we carefully inspect each product to ensure its quality.


Affordable Prices

Cutting down all the middle man, OrcaJump sells product to you directly from the factory. Thanks to the highly efficient & advanced supply chain management system we developed, you don’t have to pay the traditional markups on our website and get the best price. 


Customer Service

We are always trying our best to ensure the best shopping experience for all of our customers. If you have any question or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us either via online chat or email. Here at OrcaJump, we never use annoying automated robot, so you can be better assisted anytime.